Please Welcome Mr. Jack Olsen's garage

Here are the details the owner'd like to share:

This two-car garage was built in 1925 and sat, neglected and packed with junk, for the next 83 years.  I finally went through it in 2008 -- building the work benches and cabinets, setting the tile floor and digging a pit and installing the lift.  The 20'x22' garage has eight work benches, two of which fold down from the wall when the car is out. The total cost (if you don't include tools) was under $3,500.  Pretty much everything in the place is home-made, second-hand or repurposed.  I think it has a lot of innovative ideas for making the most out of a small space and a modest budget.  You can see more pictures, learn how everything was built, and take a bench-by-bench tour at its website: www.12-gaugegarage.com (or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JackOlsensGarage).

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