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GammaTrade is always proud to bring the best and the newest rimcare products to the market and pay great attention to our costumers request, so we created a new product line which makes more complete our "The rimcare experts" title and meet their needs.  These are a new kind of rim straightener machines with which you can give back the perfect roundness to the rims, which is the hardest task in the rim repair business. These rim straighteners were just designed to deal with that. They are so convenient,that basically all you have to do is mount the rim, press a button and the rest is done by the machine. Saves time , saves money. Can restore the factory standards to OEM rims also. These machines are THE FULL AUTOMATIC RIM STRAIGHTENERS. These unique machines only available at our webshop. 

We have 2 machines to offer in the full automatic category:

This is a fully automatic machine where the operator needs only screw the rim to the machine, punch in a few coordinates and the sensors on the machine will locate the damages to the inner part of the rim.
The machine will then automatically straighten the rim with the roller cams.
Range of rims 10" - 22"

SpeedyRound EVOII
This machine works virtually the same of EVO II and is fully automatic BUT the range is 10" - 28" by powerful roller cams. SpeedyRoundPLUS will also repair the outer section of the rim and it has a very fine lathe attachment for handling kerbside damages. This is the finest in rim repair machinery.

SpeedyRound Plus
Both SpeedyRound machine have an infra red heater which allows for alloy rims to be repaired at the optimum temperature of 26 degrees C.Please see them on our website.
These machines are produced in the old best tradition of Italian engineering.

This was the selling part of the article so let’s get through step by step how can we use these kind of straighteners. 
As I mentioned before these are full automatic straighteners so you only have to mount the rim, press a button and then the machine does everything automatically, but I would like to let you know the details, those small steps which are necessary and useful to known.

1. Placement of the rim

Count how many screws the rim does have(3-4-5 or 6)?  Then measure with the tool always from the inner part of the rim and between to far holes.

Measure with the tool
Fix the flange to the right position and tighten not to strong. The auto-locking not always the zero position. Open, never remove it.

Fix the flange
Pay attention for which side of the screws you need to use. Check the rim and use the proper end. 
Screws - find the proper end
Rim with screws into it 

2. Sensor 

Place the sensor halfway between its way(half of the stroke). Please always pay attention for the vertical and horizontal direction. Place the sensor next to the edge of the border of the rim as much as you can.
Sensor next to the edge of the rim

3. Piston for negative damages

The piston must be pushed as much as you can against the machine inside the cylinder to avoid banding. 
Piston for negative damages

Leave a little space between the repairing wheel and the rim, depending on the damage value (minimum 5mm).
Negative piston close to the rim

4. Types of damages 

The machine works automatically but there are a few things that good to know before you start the process. 
Negative damage: Pushing from inside to outside.
Positive damage: Pushing from outside to inside (for the positive damage you have to use different tool.)
LCD screen main page

5. Tips for smaller damages 

Better to repair the smaller damages on the rim by manually. 
For the extensive damages use the the automatic function. The standard tolerance value must be changed to 0.02 because in this way you will get a better result. It is not always possible to reach such a result. When the automatic cycle can not work alone to reach the optimum the user manual action could be helpful. 

6. Short deformation

For strong rims when you’re working on manually it could be necessary to increase the pressure adjusting the screw placed next right to the driving pump. Remember to place the original pressure when finished. 
Pressure changing

7. Pressure changing by the software 

Sometimes also the automatic cycle needs to work at higher pressure. To do this push the clock button from the main page
Clock button
then push the „i” button  
i button
then type on 20 to 45 and then 80 to 120. Remember to push the default button at the end.

8. Lip damages

When repairing result is next to the acceptable value look for the border deformation (lip damages) and replace it if necessary by using the proper tool and the spacer. By manual action always moving the contrast roller against the rim and rotate the tool until the border is on position.

9. Heating the rim

When the damage is on high value or critic due to the sort angle always apply the heater for a minimum 10 minutes before the action in front of the damage part. Then after 10-15 minutes starts the automatic cycle or manual. Be carefully to not increase the pressure over the break point.

10. Extended damages

Never mind about big and extended deformation. They are the easiest job for the machine. It is too much difficult and harder reach to minimum when the rim is quiet. It is more difficult to repair a little deformation.

11. Positive damages 

You have to use a different piston for the positive damages. 
Psiton for positive damages
Always look for the minimum free stroke of the piston out of the cylinder to avoid banding and looking for the positive value adjust the pressure of working acting on the screw placed on the hydraulic pump. When the deformation is no extended it is better to work manually to point by point. For the positive deformation the contrast cylinder is not needed. Remember to place the pressure to the original when you finished. 
Positive piston working on a rim

12. Inner or external?

The machine can fix inner and external damages too.

13. Start using the lathe

For inner damages find the right measures of the black center ring and fix it by two little screws on the flange of the left part of the machine. Then insert the screw axle in the flange turning the axle itself clockwise until the end of the stoke. Choose the proper cone size depending the central hole of the rim. Use the remaining cone as spacer between the first scone and the locking wheel and fix the rim with inner part looking for the frame.

So again, how to place the rim on the lathe?
  • Place the extended screw into the middle of the lathe part
  • Find the most suitable center ring for your rim
  • Place the rim to the lathe
  • Place the right coupe against the rim (If the place is too big you should use both of the coupes)
  • Finally place the locking wheel.

14. Working with lathe 

Remember to move the lathe supporter all on the machine side in order to leave space. Then when the rim is fixed on the left then the lathe touch the rim border then turning the adjusting wheel of the contrast cylinder. The cylinder when it touch the rim +1mm in order to move the lathe a little bit back to the frame part. 

The first needed operation is replace the complementary of the laticul side of the border to let the contrast cylinder work properly. 

Tighten the contrast cylinder screw until the cylinder itself could touch and could be pressed against the border hardly to avoid vibration. Remember to lock the lathe by two levers before starting any operation. Moving the chrome round wheel operate with lathe where needed. Pay attention to vibration and reduce the speed of rotation until the noise of vibration held been reduced. 

15. Helpful tips about the lathe

Always start using the lathe at the edge of the rim (That part of the rim which can contact with the machine). When you finished with the edge of the rim place against the wheel to the cylinder to be able to stabilize your wheel.
Then you can move forward

16. Face part of the rim 

Turn over the rim and put on the machine. Before you put the rim on the lathe part use the plastic disc. First you have to put that to the machine. At the face part you do not need to place against the rim to the flange.  
Use the white Teflon plate tool mounting it on directly on the flange. Then without any centering ring place the wheel on the shoft and fix it by the proper cone and locking wheel. If this operating mode not guarantee the needed centering on the rim of the flange proceed as follows:
Mount the patels on the flange depending on the holes of the rim.
Then introduce the uperpaid spacer on the free screw on the patels to guarantee the minimum free space between the rim and the flange. And lock by cone and the fixing wheel.

I hope I could help you to know more about these brilliant machines which can help you to restore the perfect roundness of your rims. 
If you would have any question please do not hesitate to leave it in a comment or you can reach us here!

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